Shubie Tree (Inktober art) – Vinyl sticker


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Decorate your life! Stick this art on your laptop, notebooks, water bottles and more. Made to last, these stickers are sure to bring joy to your space.

  • Durable waterproof matte vinyl
  • Approximate size: 3″ x 3″ (75mm x 75mm)

Introducing Inktober stickers! Every October I take part in the daily drawing challenge of Inktober and it is one of the best practices I’ve ever done. The art, the community, the motivation, so much fun. While nearly all my original pieces sell out each year, I have decided to release a select number of Inktober artworks as stickers.

Inktober #1 2022 – The Shubenacadie Tree

Hurricane Fiona brought a heap of destruction to Nova Scotia in the fall of 2022. One casualty in particular was mourned province wide, the iconic Shubenacadie tree. Many folks stopped along Highway 102 to photograph the sole tree standing proud next to the river. To see it go was definitely sad, so it only felt right to draw it for my first piece of Inktober 2022.