Moby Dick (Inktober art) – Vinyl sticker


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Decorate your life! Stick this art on your laptop, notebooks, water bottles and more. Made to last, these stickers are sure to bring joy to your space.

  • Durable waterproof matte vinyl
  • Approximate size: 3″ x 3″ (75mm x 75mm)

Introducing Inktober stickers! Every October I take part in the daily drawing challenge of Inktober and it is one of the best practices I’ve ever done. The art, the community, the motivation, so much fun. While nearly all my original pieces sell out each year, I have decided to release a select number of Inktober artworks as stickers.

Inktober #7 2021 – Moby Dick
About Inktober 2021
2021 was my favourite year for the Inktober challenge. Some people create their own prompt lists, some follow the official prompt list. I’ve done both. In 2021, I had been reading up on a few Maritime ghost stories. It struck me to use that for my Inktober theme. I did some research and compiled several ghost stories around Atlantic Canada. It was amazing. I had so much fun with each drawing and telling each story in my own words, and my social media following seemed to love it, too.

This particular piece from 2021 wasn’t necessarily an Atlantic Canadian ghost story, but it fit the spooky theme. One of my favourites for sure!