I follow many bloggers, youtubers, all manner of online lifestyle posting type folk, basically, and have always loved posts like “Monthly Favourites”, “Loving At the Moment”, etc., etc. I always have products, people and places to rave about but don’t necessarily do a lot of blogging myself and have no interest in talking to a camera with high hopes of reaching a Youtube audience of more than 3 people (charisma, what’s that?)
1970567_1542143326019100_2031219936689446403_nI do however, become very animated with a pen and paper, thus Sketchblogging was born. A great way to share what I’ve basically been adoring at the time in my very own unique and creative way.

I’ve done monthly sketchblogs but with recent workload, have found this to be too challenging to update every month. Therefore I’ve kept it to seasonal posts and hope to carry on with this pattern from now on. The occasional bonus sketchblog may pop up here and there, when I’m feeling something absolutely must be reviewed, gushed over or simply shown some love. Enjoy.


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